Earthworm Jim HD PSN

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Earthworm Jim HD PSN
August 3, 2010



Link ver PSN – NPEB00226 – EUR : 1File


Link ver HAN – NPUB30120 – USA : PKG – RAP (Not Required)
Link ver HAN – NPJB00115 – JPN : PKG – RAP (Not Required)
Link ver HAN – NPHB00234 – ASIA : PKG – RAP (Not Required)
Link ver HAN – NPEB00226 – EUR : PKG – RAP (Not Required)


Link ver PKG + Unlock : Mediafire



– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

The world’s grooviest earthworm is blasting back into action in this reborn classic, now in HD! Rediscover the cult classic adventure with all the original levels plus new, never-before-seen locations, and brand new enemies. Team up with friends and combine your wormy powers in 4-player co-op locally or online.

Jim was an ordinary earthworm who did very earthworm-like things. One day, during a battle in outer space, a suit dropped to Earth and landed on Jim, mutating him into a large and intelligent (at least by earthworm standards) superhero. Play as the grooviest earthworm in the galaxy and explore a crazy universe that offers huge gameplay possibilities.

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I need this play in full version please

Arrumem esse jogo. Só funciona como Trial Versão

Do you have the complete version or the .edat file? This is only trial version of the game. Thx

TRIAL version only — does not have multiplayer functionality.

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