Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2

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Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2
November 4, 2010
Link ver USA –  BLUS30581 (En,Fr,Es) : 1FileDirect
Link ver EUR – BLES00978 (En,Fr,De,Es,It) : 1FileDirect
Link ver EUR – BLES00978 (@Blue Magic) : MegaMediafire – Password : BlueMagic


– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2: The second game in this high-flying, fast-hitting, and intense versus battles series, Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 promises over 90 characters from the massively popular anime franchise. Dragon Ball Z fans can rest assured that the destructible environment, and character trademark attacks and transformations will be true to the series. These include signature Pursuit Attacks which enable players to initiate attack combo strings, juggling your opponent in a string of devastating strikes throughout the environment. Additionally, Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 sports the new Raging Soul System which enables characters to reach a special state, increasing their combat abilities to the ultimate level. Featuring more than 90 characters, 20 of which are brand new to the Raging Blast series, new modes, and additional environmental effects, Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 is the next evolution in the home console series.

As a bonus for Dragon Ball fans, Raging Blast 2 contains the exclusive new feature entitled “Dragon Ball: Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans” — a completely reconstructed, re-scripted and re-edited version of an original Japanese episode that has never been released in the U.S or Canada, offering something unique to fans of the series. Everyone who buys the game can watch this exclusive anime straight out of the box.

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Where can I find the orignal JPN background? it’s almost as if it’s been wiped off the internet …

If I were to find the jpn soundtrack, how can I insert it in the game files?

I have the file with the japanese bgm, i will make it public as soon as i have the rap files for the 3 dlcs packs and the dlc for saiyan pack 1 (because i have the others 2 without rap file). The file i have i made it by myself using the original amx files from the japanese version in the right order, replacing the right bgm. The version of the game i have it’s the version 1 with the song “battle of omega” not the bt2 bgm. If you have or find the dlc for this game together with the rap file i will share the file with you as soon as i can check the dlc work. I will upload a video for show and i can share ultimate tenkaichi japanese bgm too without problem in my channel.

If someone is interested i can upload the file with the original japanese ost but i need first the dlc for this game and the rap file for these dlcs: limited edtion pack, saiyan pack 1, saiyan pack 2

I do

Do you have the saiyan pack 1 dlc and rap file?
and limited edition and saiyan pack 2 rap file (i have the dlc but without rap file)?

If you have those share it here with the links and i will upload the file for the japanese bgm.

I will write my email just in case in the next message i don’t know if this site allow it if you want we share it in private.

Blackmailing weirdo, everyone can download the dlcs but without the rap files, its on nopaystation dumbass

Someone has the dlc for this game?

There is no DLC this game was never meant to have DLC

you guys have japanese version of this?

I need a version with the original ost please

I can give you the file with the japanese ost but i want first the dlc for this game

the mediafire link is missing a part 4 plzz help

Bueno, según un inglés la versión BLUS contiene el sountrack del DB BT2, pero yo que descargue la versión BLES tiene el sountrack con música del anime de la serie Z, lo cual es un problema si bien no duran más de 1 minuto haciendo un bucle de sonido nada camuflado, pero la pregunta es en donde puedo conseguir el archivo con su música de juego original de kenshi yamamoto con copyright todo plagiado

Last edited 3 years ago by Ggg

Que yo sepa con un ird check deberias chequear cual es la version que buscas pero por lo que vi en wiki es que la version mas antigua del rb2 trae una combinación de ambos (de la serie y de yamamoto) y las mas nuevas traen la del bt2.

También queria aclarar una cosa el juego que viene con las musica de la serie es solo la version japonesa y no la europea

Gracias por el dato bro. No conocía ese cambio entre versiones, ojala adaptasen algún MOD de voces al latino.

Cambiar la musica y las voces es de la misma manera, se hacerlo pero llevaría mucho tiempo

Amigo un favor 🙏 porfavor sube el dragón ball Racing Blatt para pc.

can anywhone put the drect link of mediafire here pls?because I can´t enter

Amazing great job on this 100%works

Can you please update the download for Google Drive because I can’t dowmload it

It asks for a code

thanks a lot

witch one did work for you guys

Segunda parte caida

the speed is to fast how do i slow it down?

how do i play the game??

the speed of the game is very fast , someone can help me

the file has been deleted by owner thank you very much for this

it works for me, has the original ost, i want the one that has BT2 OST, download on google drive, is way faster.
thumbs up

How did u ? i cant even see the game in webman

its not the original game! they changed the music and surely hey touched something else because it does not recognize my original game (that i played on disc) save file!!!

Then this is probably the second version with Tenkaichi 2 Soundtrack. Just rip your own Gamedisc then.

Works great, using CFW Rebug 4.81


Es pkg.

Alguien save si esta en pkg de menos de 4gb o carpeta

Al momento de jugar, la banda sonora es diferente a la que vi en Gameplays, es posible poner el sountrack original de juego ? Y escuche que había una reedición del juego que cambiaba todo el sountrack del juego por uno distinto

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