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CUSA15566 – EUR

Link Download

Thank @LokiTiia

CUSA15566 – EUR

Game + Update 1.08 : Lets – MediafireQiwi – 1File

Update 1.08 (Fix 5.05) : Lets – MediafireQiwi1File


Languages : English, French (France), German, Italian, Spanish

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Link Download


CUSA15595 – USA

Game + Update 1.08 : Lets – MediafireQiwi1File

Update 1.08 (Fix 5.05) : Lets – MediafireQiwi1File


Note :

Just like our release of Quake, we made sure to include ALL mods/addons/DLC
(call them whatever you want) currently available. No online connection is
To make it easy for you, we relinked the download partition to the actual
1.08 update so the game will see them as pre-installed. You can find them
in the “Addon” menu.
Addons available:
– Earthless: Prelude
– Syringe
– DOOM Zero
– BTSX: Episode 1
– BTSX: Episode 2
– Double Impact
– TNT Evilution
– The Plutonia Experiment

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This beloved sequel to the groundbreaking DOOM (1993) gave players the brutal Super Shotgun to bear against deadlier demons, and the infamous boss, the Icon of Sin.

The re-release of DOOM II includes:
– The Master Levels, 20 additional levels made by the community and supervised by the developers
– Local 4 player multiplayer
– Local 4 player co-op

To save Earth, you must descend into the depths of hell, survive demon hordes, and take part in the fiercest battle ever.

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[CUSA15595] Doom 2 Update 1.08 Already Backported

Credits to DUPLEX for the dump!

[CUSA15566] Doom 2 Update 1.08 Already Backported

Credits to LokiTiia for the dump!

Notes: 5.05 Backport! I finally got around to make the Doom’s people asked so much lol It has motion control which is super weird!

Backport please …

The game keeps asking to update the software. Can some one help me to make it stop ?

copy from link, still same problems, any suggestions?

DUPLEX version work fine!
Thank you admin! 🙂

unfortunately, he keeps asking for an internet connection

tambien tengo el mismo problema, intente todo los metodos pero sigue igual

no funciona el juego

Not working with update. Works fine with base game but unplayable due to needing internet

You have news for a fixe for this game and Doom 1993 ?
It’s long to have an answer. 😉

I can’t play it, could you explain me a little bit how i can install the game

muchas gracias por el juego, pero no es posible jugarlo pide conexion a internet y una cuenta bethesda. Alguna solucion?

Dearest Uploader….. Please would you be kind enough to check the 1.08 update you have included with this game?? The game on its own loads & plays correctly, BUT once you add the update, the game crashes immediately upon starting!!! Please could you advise further??

This doesnt work with 9.00. Saw a couple of reddit posts also saying the same thing with the same fpkg mogi shared here.

backport 5.05 please

How do you get to play???
In 1.00 it requests a connection “Bethesda” and
In 1.08 the game crash before its launch.
(error : CE-34878-0)
The same thing(error) on Doom (1993) and Doom II.Can you fix that please ?
Thank you for all! 🙂

I got CE-34878-0 error message.

please 5.05 fix and doom 1993 , thank you

Thank you
Please Doom 3 remaster.🙏

do i need to connect internet on ps4 to play this game?

Doom 1 and Doom2 does not work for me with PS FW 9.00

Crashes with Error Code CE34878-0