DJMax Respect

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DJMax Respect



CUSA08621 – ASIA (v1.39)

Link Download

Thanks @Mogi_codemasterv

CUSA08621 – ASIA

Game + Update 1.39 + Full DLC : MediafirePixeldrain

Note: Install Base [v01.00] => Update [v01.39] => all DLC Unlocker files => Large DLC files.

Password : mogi_codemasterv

Guide DownloadTool Download )


CUSA08621 – ASIA (v1.31)

Link Download

Thanks @Mogi_codemasterv & @ACE777 & GregorioID

CUSA08621 – ASIA

Game + Update 1.26 + Full DLC : Download

Update 1.31 : Lets – 1File

Password : mogi_codemasterv

Install Base [v01.00] => Update [v01.26] => DLC unlockers

Guide DownloadTool Download )


CUSA09362 – JPN

Link Download

Thank @HR

CUSA09362 – JPN

Game : Lets – Zippy – 1File

DLC : Download

Password : ByAlvRo

Languages : English-Japanese

Guide DownloadTool Download )

Link Mirror

CUSA09362 – JPN

Thank @HR & hako

Game : Mega – Mediafire

DLC : Download

Password : hako

Languages : English-Japanese

Guide DownloadTool Download )

DJMax Respect is an Action game, developed by Rocky Studio and published by Neowiz Entertainment, which was released in Asia in 2017.

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What is the passcode for extraction? I got Pixeldrain Download, have to VPN a new IP to complete the download, Terrible website!
The latest Update doesnt show the password but it is “mogi_codemasterv”

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you have to reinstall the whole thing. DELETE the base game then install the base game 1.00 > then update to 1.39 (DO “NOT” INSTALL 1.31 UPDATE) > ALL DLC FILES + DATA





OMG amazaing thank you so much

Thank you. 🙂

Thanks for sharing the DLCs. 🙂
Still hoping for the Music Pack Data of Extension V and Emotional Sense be available someday.

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Hey I uploaded a couple new dlc’s and also update 1.39 for HK ver

its up on /r/pkglinks

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Please someone who can contribute the missing DLCs to the 1.31 emotional sense, V extension and Cytus please much more than 1 month waiting, please how frustrating to have there to play the music but when starting it the game crashes because they are missing those data please

Please upload dlc cytus, emotional sense and extencional V

only content of CYTUS PACK missing now

Why the dlc size is 8.5gb. I saw on the other site only 21mb. Whats the difference?

Autobackport 1.11 work for 6.72

Can I play the game with update 1.31 including all dlc on my ps4 6.72?

How can I backport the update only? I need the base game for this?

The 1.31 has 6.72 backport?


decode with base64

update 1.31

Emotional Sense
Extension V
Are they playable now? Please reply..

Hey its me with an update.
I have update 1.31 uploading now its about 50% done uploading.
We are still missing
Missing data is:
Emotional Sense
Extension V
extra data

Wow! me encantaria tenerlo, Soy NanospeedGamer de YT! Puede escribirme por privado a mi TwitteR? Gracias

Sorry if this is a dumb question. I was able to get all of the dlc packs installed and they all show up in-game, but Emotional Sense, Extenstion V and Cytus only load to 60% and never start. Would this be because we’re still missing the extra data for them or is it an issue of what firmware is being run?

I have 7.55 version and the game works properly but the DLC like cytus, emotional sense, and V extension are missing? What should I do???

The DLC packs are not up yet. We still waiting for the update. The Emotional sense and V extension at least 1.27 update. The Cytus is on 1.31 DLC packs. Wait for someone to update the new files.

when has the 1.28 update for DJMAX Respect ASIA?? I have been waiting for so long =(

7.55 jailbreak now. Will the new DLC coming soon?

Hey its me with an update.

I have update 1.31 uploading now its about 50% done uploading.

We are still missing

Missing data is:
Emotional Sense
Extension V

extra data

One question the Asia CUSA is in english?


update 7.02?

The Cytus DLC is available in this upload? I cam´t see Cytus songs in the game 🙁

Same , Cytus DLC, Emotional sense and V extension pack are not showing after installing their PKG files . Maybe it needs a higher patch . for 7.02

me2, nothing shows up on 7.02. What is happening?

I didnt know that i needed this in my Life. Thank you for your amazing work.

Thank you very much Mogi! :’D

Mogi or Webmaster, I have a question, when I download the firt
.rar file and give it extract, it tells me that it is ”damaged”, is that
normal? Or can I keep downloading everything that when I have to
extract everything, it won’t tell me anything?

(Sorry if I take some of your time with the question x’d)

I already solved it (my mistake, sorry u.u)

I just had to update my Winrar (5.50) to Winrar (5.91) and
finish downloading all the files, I had downloaded the firts
part about 4 times thinking it was wrongly downloaded.

7.02 does not work on the DLC files. Only show the Technika 1, 2, trilogy and guilty gear packs. The other packs do not work even I install it. The Technika 3 appears, but the game crash after clicking any songs.

Made a video on how to install

Must install unlocker, then exdata then play

Thank you for mirroring my game.

Thanks for your great effort with this huge release, my friend ^_^

Dear Webmaster,
I had DLC [TECHNIKA3 / Deemo / Groove Coaster] on hand and please give SOP how to share to you ^_^

Last edited 3 years ago by ACE777

woah technika3 !! thanks for sharing it bro !!

o.o Thank you very much ACE777 !! hope you can share it on the page soon ^ – ^

pass link :'v

does this mean I have to redownload 50gb all over again once DLC is shared?

You just need to re-download the DLCs.

nope just 8GB more of data to download.

Dear Webmaster,

Sorry for the separated link and please rearrange it in case necessary.
Enjoy, my friends!

[Around 9G]

Hope someone can upload the KOF14 DLCs, it’s a long waiting time ^^”

Hell yeah ACE777.

Thanks for having your buddy notify me on your upload!

When 7.02 comes out ill add the update.

I am going to name my next Child “ACE777”. MY HERO THANK YOU!

hey psp if its ok with you i would like to supply you with all my future releases. Reddit fpkg banned me.

Dear ACE777,
Do you have the V Extention and emotional sense update?

This works on 5.05 without backport, both the game and update 🙂

Thank you CyB1K !
I was excited for playing this game coz this is my favorite games yeah..

WHAT A beautiful update! thanks mogi_codemasterv I hope some one give donation for other DLC update

captain tsubasa

FINALLY YES! I've been waiting for this for quite some time, a shame they didn't all come out, missing T3, Deemo and Groove Coaster ( I was looking forward to T3 and Deemo :'c )

I hope that Mogi_codemasterv can bring those three that are missing since he only needs someone to donate HK Credits to him and he shares them or if someone has them to share them.

FUCK YES!! I’ve been waiting for this update with DLC. THANK YOU!

Which version is the most complete ? Please.

Please, can you post Avicii Invector Encore edition and Granblue Fantasy Versus and all DLC ?

Need new update dlc

any update guys from 6.72 ?

Please upload the new dlc and the last possible update with the 6.72 exploit I have a long time waiting for it 🙁

In case you don’t know what the DLCs are, these are: Technika 1, 2, 3, Girls Frontline, Black Square and Groove Coaster.

Please and thanks for bringing us the latest games for the pirate ps4 since the new hack came out 🙂

Any Update Guys for 6.72 ?

Can you guys upload the zippy link

THANK YOU SO MUCH! You did a lot for us with this page and all the games, this is really awesome. Could you please re upload the DLC links? They are not working, also, please get the GUILTY GEAR PACK DLC and all the DLC avaliable.

Thank you friend.

Please upload the update patch along with their Technika 2, 3 Black Square and Girl Frontline dlcs, they are playable up to 6.72.

please get the latest 6.72 DLC and Update Patch

Imposible to get latest update on ps4database

please fix LINK 1FILE

How it works

thanks for mirroring

Are any of these in English?