Disneys Hercules PSN

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Disneys Hercules PSN


Link ver NPEF00047 - EUR

Link ver PSN : 1FileGoogle – Password : ByAlvRo

Link ver HAN : PKGRAP

Link ver PKG - PS1 to PS3

Download : Mediafire

– Note: Guide Download Game: Here
– Note: Guide Byass Google Drive Download Limit: Here


– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

You’re Hercules and you’ve just entered an ancient universe alive with danger. Move fast and fight faster. Do mortal combat with the vicious Hydra. Dodge swinging death traps. Outsmart the snake headed Medusa. Conquer the evil Hades. Ascend Mt. Olympus and become a god. Think you have what it takes to be a hero? Prove it.

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Had this game on PC as a kid. I’d love to play it again! Downloading I just get a PKG file, no RAP. Can’t get it running.

Can anybody help? Thanks


how can i intall it(Disney`s Hercules PSN) on ps4 5.05 consule please


Disney’s-Hercules_Crack install error

Jonh With A Spoon

How do I change the language in the game as it’s in German?


Yea man, why is it on german?


I’m afraid ,when im was installing the pkg file the installation cannot be worked just “please wait” answered the ps3 and nothing happened, but the crack pkg installation was worked.
So , please fixed this problem. thank you.


Yeah same with me

Jonh With A Spoon

It’s missing the .rap file which can be found here:

Though the game launches and plays fine, the problem for some including me is that the language of the game used here is French. However if you install the game from the other link that provides the .rap file that game is German. I guess you’re in luck if you speak those languages. The game plays fine but it ruins the experience when I can’t understand anything. Even the cutscenes are in another language which leads me to believe that these two copies can’t be changed to English.

I’m sure there’s a way to change the language but I just don’t know how.

Note: the game installs and plays perfectly once the .rap file in installed too.

Now to just find an English copy.

Jonh With A Spoon

Okay, so I just found a copy with the English language… but it goes straight to a black screen. The crack file from the French copy didn’t work and the .rap file from the German copy gave the same result.

Here’s the link for the English version… Imma keep searching for that crack.

EU – Disney’s Hercules (PSOne Classics)