Dead Space

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Dead Space
October 14, 2008
Link ver USA – BLUS30177 (En,Fr,Es) : 1FileDirect

Update All DLC : Download
Link ver EUR – BLES00310 (Es,It) : Mega – Direct
Link ver EUR – BLES00309 (@Blue Magic) : MegaMediafire – Password : BlueMagic
Link ver EUR – BLES00308 (En,Pl,Ru,Cs,Hu) : GoogleDirect
Update All DLC : Download
Link ver HAN – NPUB30569 – USA : PKGRAP
Link ver HAN – NPEB00049 – EUR : PKGRAP
Link ver HAN – NPEB00050 – EUR : PKGRAP


– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Dead Space: Gamers step into a third-person sci-fi survival horror experience that promises to deliver the ultimate in psychological thrills and gruesome action. Set in the cold blackness of deep space, the atmosphere is soaked with a feeling of tension, dread and sheer terror. In Dead Space, players step into the role of engineer Isaac Clarke – an ordinary man on a seemingly routine mission to fix the communications systems aboard a deep space mining ship. It is not long before Isaac awakes to a living nightmare when he learns that the ship’s crew has been ravaged by a vicious alien infestation. He must fight through the dead silence and darkness of deep space to stay alive.

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NPEB00050 idiomas Frances Aleman

How can i add the DLC ??!

blus google link is dead please fix it, thanks

Blus link is dead, pls fix it. thx

BLES00310 es la version en español para que no tengan que descargar los tres juegos
[BLUS30177] menu español y audio en ingles
BLES00308 varios idiomas ingles italiano creo que franses aleman pero no en español

Pero el BLES00308 es el juego completo? solo pesa 151mb

Y los dlc de BLES00310 alguna idea de cómo intalarlos

DLC for BLES00310 ?

Bless00310 game does not open says an error occurred

BLES00310 isnt in english. What to do?

Hello,I have downloaded the Mega version and i dont have english language,can i fix it somehow or i have to download it over again?

Muchas gracias juego blus funciona bien diálogos en inglés textos en español…

downloaded the BLUS (US VERSION) i installed the game without DLC and it says scanning dlc content and it crashes , it stops and even if theres dlc + fix it didnt do anything still the same, BLES310 EU is fine but theres no english language…. hope you fix the BLUS VERSION

I found a much bigger DLC pack+fix(21 DLC’s) that actually works!

Here is the link:

This package works on BLUS and BLES(Fix For Both Included)

This is a little “thank you” for everything that this site has given me over the last 12 months….!

Have Fun!!!

como veo las partes para descargar en google ya q en mega esta diferente apraece 2 archivos dentro de cada carpeta otros pero no hay partes: Enlace ver EUR – BLES00308: Google – Mega

I keep getting error occurred after installing BLUS30177

de los pks cual esta en español?

Thanks.Game BLUS runs fine on ps3 slim 4.85CFW ferrox with 4.85 multiman.

in the BLUS30177 when i copy it to my ps3 hdd0 GAMES it tells me when it reach the BIGFILE1.VIV COPY FIELD what can i do

Link “fix update all dlc” is down

Bless00310 game does not open says an error occurred

Ali sorunu buldun mu usa sürümünde de açılmıyor

hayir bi cevap vermiyor ki adam lan 2 ay gecmis beee

Usa version It’s freezing, please fix it.

I have a problem with “downloadable content is being scanned” and stuck in this point, behind whan I click new game, BLUS30177

Link Fix Update All DLC USA Error


BLES00308 is not complete

y como se descarga, en la carpeta USDIR solo hay un archivo de 14 mega, no esta el juego completo

Pedazo de puto tienes que descargar todas las partes

Notes The Latest Link of the DLCs called idk maybe ” … DLC FIX ” when i install it it freez the game is it really needed to run the DLCs ? beaus no of them freezed the game and nothing appeard as like ” You optained this suit.. “

Hi got a problem after i downloaded the USA Folder version of the Game it runned well but once i intall all the DLCs including the ” FIX ” one the Game Crush when it Scan for Downloadable Content but the Music and sounds stay running may someone pleas Help


I’m installing a hotfix but it’s not working please help me how to do it

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