Crysis HD PSN

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Crysis HD
October 4, 2011
4 Gb



Link ver PSN – EUR – NPEB00575: 1FileGoogle – Password: ByAlvRo


Link Mega ver PSN – USA – NPUB30302 : Download

Link Google ver PSN – USA – NPUB30302 : Download



Link ver HAN – NPUB30302 – USA: PKGRAP
Link ver HAN – NPEB00575 – EUR: PKGRAP


Install (Thank Gabriel Miller)

Thanks for this. Works great. For anyone else, this is a PKG file, so on your xmb screen, on your ps3, go to package manager, then install first the game file, about 3 gigs, then install the fix, and then the game will work. it will show up in your list of games in your xmb menu on your ps3. You also must have cfw.


– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Crysis: The PC classic comes to consoles in this remastered version of the original Crysis. Set in 2019 after a colossal asteroid crashes to Earth, Crysis begins amidst a tense military standoff between the North Korean and United States governments for control of the impact zone. Amid rising tensions, the asteroid suddenly bursts open revealing a massive alien ship, which begins freezing vast portions of the island and altering the global weather system. The invasion of Earth has begun. Crysis features an epic three-act story of alien invasion where players are able to customize their armor and weapons in real time to confront an ever-changing enemy and a harsh, dynamic environment.

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pofavor me descargue el crysis Link Mega ver PSN – USA – NPUB30302 y cuando lo estoy descomprimiendo me tira error ¿solucion?

I downloaded Link Mega ver PSN – USA – NPUB30302
unzipped the game : NPUB30302_Crysis_1_HD.pkg
weight only 2,96 Go when online we read :

The amount that Crysis will take from your hard drive is at 4.1GB. Gamers who have broadband connection can download this game in less than two hours.

So WHY this download is only 2,96 unzipped ?!?!

My fan goes apeshit when I run the game 😭😭

Vous entendez quoi par correctif ? Je comprends pas le message d’installation

C’est quoi cfw ? 😅

Je sais pas comment je vais installer ça dans ma ps3 en fait c’est ça mon problème

Et on installe dans sa ps3 avec multiman ou avec autre chose parce il y a beaucoup de dossiers pkg

Svp j’ai un problème l’autre dossier à télécharger à des problèmes le NPEB00575 les 2 liens dérange

well ı downloaded the pkg file and when ı start the game it gives a copyright error, what should ı do (ps3 super slim)

I downloaded mega NPUB30302 version game working but every time i quit game and open again save game overwritten with starting so all progess lost. So i suggest finish game in one run.

Is there a PKG for HEN? The EUR HAN PKG doesnt work. Stuck at 14% installation and then an error occurred.

Try google NPUB30302 version i run successfully on ps3hen first instal main pkg then fix pkg if it give trophy error try game withe new user profile.

Bro i downloaded HAN version my console 4.86 and jailbreaked. After install crysis PKG and Rap file and also Reactpsn but getting error 100810007…. how fix

your hen?

Thanks. Game runs fine on 4.84cfw. Game rap file activated using ReactPSN.

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