Clock Tower

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Clock Tower



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Clock Tower is a horror adventure game originally released on September 14, 1995. The player controls a girl named Jennifer, an orphan girl who was brought to the eerie “Clock Tower” mansion with her friends from the orphanage, in exploring a huge mansion.
A number of immersive themes, such as a powerless hero who has no choice but to flee, an oppressive environment, and an eerie enemy that suddenly appears, will have a strong impact on the player.The game begins with Jennifer visiting the mansion as an adopted daughter with an orphanage teacher and friends. However, before long, her friends suddenly disappear with a scream. Jennifer is left alone to wander in the mansion, where an unimaginable horror awaits her on her path.In the mansion, various hostile enemies appear before Jennifer. The scariest of all is “Scissorman,” a small man wielding a large pair of scissors. Scissorman appears suddenly in unexpected places, relentlessly pursuing Jennifer, marked by the menacing sound of his snipping scissors.

Jennifer doesn’t have the strength to put up a fight, so you’ll have to get creative to escape the attacking enemies. Making good use of items and hiding places. Using everything in the mansion is the key to survival.
The last resort is the “panic button”. You can exert Jennifer’s desperate will to survive by hitting the button repeatedly. If used properly, it may be possible to break free and escape the crisis.

The looming horror of Scissorman.
Players aim to rescue friends and escape from the mansion by hiding Jennifer well and guiding her escape. Jennifer’s realistic facial expressions and escape maneuvers that change with the situation, as well as the graphics inside the mansion create a deep sense of fear. The ending will change depending on the friends you’ve rescued and the information obtained from the search.

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