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Castlevania Harmony of Despair PSN

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Harmony of Despair PSN
September 27, 2011
1 Gb

Link ver PSN – USA – NPUB30505: Mega

Link ver PSN – EUR – NPEB00563: 1File

DLC – EUR – NPEB00563: 1File
Link ver HAN – NPEB00563 – EUR: PKG – RAP (Not Required)

Extra Stage 08 “The Legend of Fuma” : PKGRAP

Extra Stage 09 “The One Who Is Many” : PKGRAP

Extra Stage 10 “Lord of Flies” : PKGRAP

Extra Stage 11 “Origins” : PKGRAP

Link ver HAN – NPUB30505 – USA: PKG – RAP (Not Required)

Unlock DLC – NPUB30505 – USA: PKGRAP

DLC Content
– Background Music 1,2
– Chapter 8 Map Pack – The One Who Is Many
– Chapter 9 Map Pack – Lord of the Flies
– Chapter 10 Map Pack – Origins
– Chapter 11 Map Pack – Legend of Fuma
– Getsu Fuma Character Pack
– Maria Renard Character Pack
– Richter Belmond Character Pack
– Simon Belmont Character Pack


– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Featuring the classic fast paced 2D, side scrolling action the series is known for, fan favorite vampire hunters from across the series will join forces to return Dracula, the Lord of Darkness, to his eternal slumber.

Designed by the legendary producer of the Castlevania series, Koji Igarashi, Castlevania Harmony of Despair allows up to 6 friends to play together via online co-op story mode or see who the best vampire hunter is in Survival Mode, which challenges players to fend off their friends while fighting for their very survival. Utilize your co-op skills to explore the levels with your friends in order to find hidden locations with special items and equipment or team up in battle to let loose destructive attacks on the hordes of attacking creatures.

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To unlock the full game: after installing, you need to also install the PKG (and I guess also the RAP) from

Then follow these to fix freezing issues:

Last edited 1 year ago by Analracoon

i may be dumb but the dlc characters only gave me juluis and yoko, i was wondering if theres im doing wrong or maybe the other dlc characters are not available?

big thanks to admin,always download ps3,ps vita rom in this blog is always best,not like nopayplaystation always made me confused when instal the game always freeze,crack not working,waste time,this castlevania hod usa ver not perfect,always eur ver is the best,even i can play belmont family with 8bit style or nes style in alucard sotn world psx & usa ver always in trial mode or demo (n) ,made me stay up late for castlevania hod usa trying made crack success but is useless

Last edited 1 year ago by niku

Gracias señor y caballero por proporcionar este juego tan increíble. Un abrazo.

EUR version link is broken, reupload please?


Please remove the ads for fuck sake, it’s anoyying as hell!! Even antivirus detect that the file include virus!!!!

How can I download the DLC of NPUB30505? it’s all ads and there’s no link to download the DLC of NPUB30505. Please, help?

The last dlc part for NPUB30505 PSN is not working (CHOD_DLC.rar It’s just looping back on the same page over and over. Please reupload that part on mega or gdrive instead.

Thanks. Game + Dlc runs fine on 4.84 ferrox cfw. Full game activated using ReactPsn.

…ok, what the actual fuck? this is a DEMO! and the “fix”? a…”edat” file with a text file saying to

“2. open Multiman/File Manager/
3. Copy exdata folder to /dev_hdd0/home/0000000xx/”

the fuck is a “multiman/file manager”?

in a legit PS3 console! NOT EMULATOR bro

790.3MB PKG file..that is NOT the game file!

nevermind, i forgot how to use rpcs3 for a moment it seems.

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