Call of Duty Black Ops 3

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Call of Duty Black Ops 3
November 6, 2015
EUR – BLES02166 (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Pl,Ru)
Link ver EUR – BLES02166 (Game + DLC) : 1FileGoogle
Link ver EUR – BLES02166 (Game) : Direct
Link ver EUR – BLES02166 (Game) : Mega – Password:
Update 1.02 : Download
Update 1.06 : Download
Update 1.07 : Download
Fix Update : Mediafire
Install the 1.02 => 1.07=> Fix
DLC Awakening : Download
DLC The Giant : Download
Fix DLC : Mega1File
USA – BLUS31527 (En,Fr,Es,Pt)
Link ver USA – BLUS31527 (Game + Update + DLC) (@Albert) : 1File – Password : Albert.chino.exclusive
Link ver USA – BLUS31527 (Game) : Direct
Link ver USA – BLUS31527 (Game) : Mediafire – Password: DTM-MODDING
Update 1.02 : Download
Update 1.06 : Download
Update 1.07 : Download
File Fix : DownloadMirror – Password: DTM-MODDING
Install the 1.02 => 1.07=> Fix
EUR – BLES02168 (United Arab Emirates)
Link ver EUR – BLES02168 : MegaDirect
Link ver PSN – USA – NPEB02266 : Download
Update 1.02 : Download
Update 1.07 : Download
DLC Awakening: Download
The Giant : Download
Fix DLC : Download
Link ver BLES02166 – EUR (PKG – HEN / CFW) : 1File
Link ver HAN – NPEB02266 – EUR : PKGRAP
Link ver HAN – NPUB31665 – USA : PKGRAP


– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 : a dark, twisted future where a new breed of Black Ops soldier emerges and the lines are blurred between our own humanity and the technology we created to stay ahead, in a world where cutting-edge military robotics define warfare.

For the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, two gameplay modes are offered: Multiplayer and Zombies. Battle other players in deep, rewarding, and engaging Multiplayer online combat, with new features such as new momentum-based, chain-movement system, as well as the all-new Specialist class of 9 Black Ops soldiers to utilize. And Zombies mode delivers an all-new mind-blowing experience with its own dedicated narrative.

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DLC maps not showing up in map selection. Any solution? (BLUS31527) I’ve reinstalled updates and FIX’s but nothing happened.

Nasıl güncelleme yapacağım bilmiyorum lütfen yardımcı olun

Which version should i download to play online?

which version should i download to play online …i have cobra 4.87

Hi administrator , is there something wrong with my uploads? you haven’t approved them ): only sorcery was approved ):

Hi friends here’s the only BLUS version of the game plus all DLCs in all internet, all together in one pack, it is my own backup of everything, enjoy friends ! it is a special upload to all my Latin American friends (:

pass for everything: Albert.chino.exclusive

Only on (:

I got black screen, what should I do? my ps3 its a HEN, and I use multiman

¿Por que pesa tan poco si el juego en los foros dice 21gb?

Es por qué está optimizado Bro

Is it online?

Booting the game results in a PS3 crash. The shutdown button reacts, but after i click it the triple beep appears and it doesnt shutdown. Tried to boot from multiman, webman and irisman (in iris i used fix game).

PS3HEN 3.0.1 HFW 4.87.1

I need 1.07 update And a video telling me how to Do the update

righclick to donlowaad it from interdownload manger

Game working fine, online still have active players to play.

I downloaded the HAN PKG and Rap file and updated the game at the moment to start the game

why the update cannot be click / open so i can’t download the update. pls check it

Follow the instraction on picture

part 2

update all the links in EUR – BLES02166
some are dead check them

Last edited 2 years ago by fredtedtred

Work ?

Where the version include campaign?

no campaign ?

hello I have a problem I cannot install the game in the USA version BLUS31527 I already did what the instructions say and nothing, the installed game does not even appear, I would appreciate a guide.

the europe plus dlc file was got warning quota has been exceeded google drive link

how long I will wait for the copy ???

Password for mega is BlueMagic

Password for extraction not working BLES0216 MEGA

Bro Update is coming how to play game without update or can u give me link of update

BLUS31527 Link ver USA on Mega was taken down, in Mediafire there are only DLCs

Yeah, sucks. I wanted to download it. Have you found any alternatives? Not interested on Bles version.

I can’t add another user

Hola, como instalo los dlc en NPEB02266, instale todo correctamente pero no entiendo el archivo de “arreglo dlc” que tengo que hacer con eso? En el documento de texto que trae dice CFW pero yo tengo HEN, es necesario instalarlo?

hey why the blus only giving the update file? why theres no game file?

Link ver USA – BLUS31527 : Mega – Mediafire – Password: DTM-MODDING

I used the mediafire link and it brink me to the “anotepad” link if not wrong, and theres only 4 links, Blus 1 – 4 and Fix blus… after I extract Blus 1 its only shown file started with name

Blus 2:

Blus 3:

and the Fix Blus has 3 Zipped files:

there… and when I download all of that pkg to my ps3, and I rebuild data base, then it shows nothing, I went to MMcm and no result. I saw theres only update file in the Game Data Utility.

Please help, the videos link for the Guide how to download is also not working youtube said “Video is unavailable”.

Bro, I am facing same problem. Did you find out solution, help me out plzz

And I decided to download the Bles version and I got this:

In the Fix Bles files, theres 2 files named:

theres also 2 folder says:
FIX 3.55: with file named: BLES02166_A0102_341-355.pkg
FIX 4.21+: with file named: BLES02166_A0102_421+.pkg

Idk which one should download, cuz when I download all the update and try to install this it says “The latest version is already installed” and when I try to load the game from MMcm its also says “The game need firmware version 4.76. Do you want to return to the current version 4.75?” and I press No and the game start but until the loading screen only, where they told me to press start(I mean when I press start the game freeze). and then I tried again by pressing Yes and the game wont start totally.

where is the another dlc’s

password doesn’t work on mega link

bro ya descargue el parche del juego para que funcione,pero trae 3 parches descargue uno pero para que son los otros? en bles0216 eur

bro cuando descargo el bles02166 eur me dice que tengo que instalar el parche para jugar, tengo que instalar todos los parches? o uno solo

How can i change the language

hi how play zombie offline

The paswoard don’t Works please fix it

can someone help me with the dlcs for the us ver?

So, can we play online for now?
is not working!!

i tried all the password listed but none seem to work
pls fix

Link google bles Version not working please fix it

Help i can’t download bles from google stuck on usenet please help me

where is the guide in this ps help

the password to extract the files does not work

the RAP link in EUR is not working

call of duty black ops 3 split screen is not played call of duty black ops download 2 1 person 2 people 3 people 4 people are playing I have it

how to download this game?

where can i find the dlcs for bo3

are you using the eur or the us ver?

se puede jugar pantalla dividida???

how can i intall the pkg

after downloading i installed using the package manager but the game didn’t popped up anyone plz help me!

Some link only all DLC US? Please

have you found the dlcs for the us vertions?

Singleplayer Campaign?

this is bullshit fuck this page im verry disapointed .my game is not extraking

Como descargo los DLC si uso PKG NPEB02266???

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