Bully PSN

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Bully PSN


Link ver HAN - NPUD21269 - USA
Link ver HAN – NPUD21269 – USA : PKGRAP
Link ver PS2 to PS3 - SLES53561 - EUR
SLES53561 – EUR
– The game is patched on NTSC 60Hz
– The game is patched on widescreen 16: 9
– The game tends to slow down very little in certain areas of the game but recovers (Deactivate smoothing and solve it a bit)
Link PKG : 1File
Link RAP : Download
– If you have PS3 CFW just install the PKG file, RAP file for PS3 OFW with PS3Xploit v3.0 HAN
– Upload by Denmok



– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Rockstar Games brings their unique storytelling to the perils of the schoolyard in Bully. As a troubled schoolchild at Bullworth Academy, you can to stand up to bullies, deal with malicious teachers, play pranks on other schoolchildren, and try to get the girl in this story-driven action game. Bully adds humorous tongue-in-cheek storylines and situations to the schoolyard hi-jinks.

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link mirror google need acces

I cant Get the link please help

this game works on ofw / hfw?

could you update the eur pkg google version the kink is busted


is there a bully scholarship edition mod for ps3
or a copy from ps4 that is playable for ps3?

Not in a million year

Does Hfw/Hen Need Rap File Unlike cfw?

Yes, put the rap files in a folder called exdata.

I’m download PKG for cafe ps3 but I cant play because error 80029513. Please help me

Use reActpsn

how gb have?

4,5 Gb

guys i install rap and pkg files what i should do now ?

put the rap file into hdd00/exdata

thanks xGCx, it worked for me !!

can i download it using hen

i wanna know too

install the pkg with the rap file in a folder called exdata
if you install it using an ntfs drive, use a fat32 drive and use PSNPatch

not update yet?

Please add (BLUS) game

Bully ps3 only on psn so it dont have folder game

descargue el de ps3 y no de ps2 a ps3 pero esta en ingles que go no tiene subtitulos

quieres decir q el juego NPUD21269 no esta en español????

I cant play this game, the game have copyright protection of psn or something, pls help. What can i do to make the game works?

log into your psn account
go to account management
activate system
log out and play!

You need Jailbroken ps3. And have reactpsn and learn have to use it and then it will all make sense how to use pkg and rap files.

Thanks for your help (:

please fix google link, the file is missing!

that file is missing, there is no bully psn pkg file in that link. im folowing the instruction but still it doesnt work coz there is no file in it

i want (BLUS) game

Plz add rar file that be mush easier

How to install it?
There is pkg file what i need to do?

you must install filezilla in your pc

no u dont use PS3splitter

Thanks. Game runs fine on ferrox 4.84cfw. Game rap file activated using reactPSN.

which one i should download for cfw ?

get an error. install this game on the psn account you bought it on. or something like that. ps2 emulator is too much hassle. let me know when you get time to fix this.

you have to use rap file with psnpatch to remove the error

Link games psn no han

Psn games please