Bleach Soul Resurreccion

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Bleach Soul Resurreccion
August 2, 2011



Link ver USA – BLUS30769 : 1FileGoogleDirect – Password:


Link ver EUR – BLES01315 (En,Fr) : 1FileDirect



– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Based on the popular manga/anime series, Bleach: Soul Resurrección depicts the battle between the Soul Reapers and the army of evil Arrancars that threaten the peace of the world.

Bleach: Soul Resurrección gives players the sensation of single-handedly destroying an army of monsters and evil spirits with lightning-fast swordfighting action. Gamers can re-live the experiences of various characters from the anime by closely following the original story. The environments are faithfully reproduced with beautiful cel-shaded 3D models that will satisfy even the most devoted fans. Bleach: Soul Resurrección will give gamers an unparalleled anime action game experience.

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I have one problem, in the game itself I have a black screen, I see the map and interface, the main menu too, but the game itself is on a black screen
effects and subtitles I can see too, what is the problem?

Last edited 2 years ago by Atom

Try to go to Config in RPCS3, and go to GPU tab, and click on Write Color Buffers. I don’t know if it’ll help specifically but this is how I fixed this issue in Motorstorm

Can you find Japanese Version? for long times i don’t see to download in anywhere.

Can you set up Japanese dubbing for this game?

how can i istall this on my ps3HEN?

want file PKG

File pdk

Não consigo baixar o arquivo se alguém mandar [email protected]

Check all link work for me
1. view [Note: Guide Download Game] the right post
2. if link google limit => view [Guide Fix Limit Download Google Drive] the right post

10/10 rate everything is functional as if I played on PS3 it’s the best BLEACH game yet but it doesn’t have Multiplayer so such a survival game

why us only 1.8gb and eu 3.88gb

commen on l’installe sur la play

because usa have only english, the eur. version have all other language ^_*


How do I play thins then? Using the rpcsx3?


esta em pkg

Is un spanish? 🙁


No.. ambos están en inglés..
El BLUS está en Inglés y Francés.. y audio inglés/japonés
Y el BLES está solo en inglés con audio inglés/japonés..
No se si habrá algún DLC para pasarlo al español..

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