Battlefield 4

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Battlefield 4
October 29, 2013



Link ver USA – BLUS31162 (Proper) (@Rocknard) (En,Fr,Es,Pt) : 1FileMega

Proper version, checked with IRD and tested.


Link ver USA – BLUS31162 (Game + DLC) (En,Fr,Es,Pt) : 1File

Link ver USA – BLUS31162 (Game) (En,Fr,Es,Pt) : Direct

All DLC + Update : Download

Battlefield 4 file [BLUS31162] (@Rocknard) : 1FileMega

In case you downloaded one without the file and get Game Data error (doesn’t install mandatory data).


Link ver EUR – BLES01832 (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Pl,Ru) : MegaGoogleDirect

All DLC + Update : Download


Link ver HAN – NPUB31148 – USA : PKGRAP
Link ver HAN – NPEB01303 – EUR : PKGRAP

All DLC + Update : Download (Use NPUB = BLUS , NPEB = BLES)


DLC Content
– Community Operations
– Night Operations
– Naval Strike DLC (Premium)
– Second Assault DLC (Premium)
– China Rising DLC (Premium)
– Dragon’s Teeth DLC (Premium)
– Final Stand (Premium)
– Premium Upgrade
– Multiplayer Packs
– Various Weapon Shortcut Kit Packs
– Online Pass


– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

In Battlefield 4, gamers will experience huge environments, a playground of destruction, access to an arsenal of vehicles, the ability to direct squad mates, and much more in the first entry in the first-person shooter franchise to run on Frostbite 3 technology. The game once again aims to deliver a premier online multiplayer gaming experience while also offering an engaging and challenging story campaign.

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GENTE, ENCONTRE LA SOLUCION AL PROBLEMA DE LOS DATOS DAÑADOS!!! Solo tienes que ir a PS3_GAME/USRDIR/Data/Ps3 y buscar un archivo que se llama HD.toc, tienes que duplicarlo y al nuevo archivo le quitas el .toc y pones .sb, luego de eso inicia el juego y ya estara arreglado.


PEOPLE, FIND THE SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM OF DAMAGED DATA !!! You just have to go to PS3_GAME / USRDIR / Data / Ps3 and look for a file called HD.toc, you have to duplicate it and remove the .toc from the new file and put .sb, after that start the game and it will be fixed .

it crash in loading screen, after chose campaign menu

No, esa no es ninguna solución. El archivo .sb debe tener mas de 1 gb de tamaño, y el .toc tiene 800 kb. No pueden tener el mismo tamaño. Lo unico que se puede hacer es decargar la version BLES, ya que la BLUS esta incompleta

after applying this method this game still not working. plz fix blanked screen

Battlefield 4 [BLUS31162]:

  • Proper version, checked with IRD and tested.


Battlefield 4 file [BLUS31162]:

  • In case you downloaded one without the file and get GameData error (doesn’t install mandatory data).


P.s.: Moderator, if you can delete previous post on “awaiting approval”. Thanx

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Bles mega link broken? Please update link

game data is corrupted on blus download from google tried redownloading twice still same problem

Both Version is error. Too bad… Suck!

missing files. is missing. black screen.

version USA game data corrupted

link please

Game working fine, i downloaded the HAN usa pkg and rap file and havent gotten any problem at all, online workin without problem

Can someone help me? my game freeze when loading online and in the story, what do I do?

(BLES01832) pls help ther is limit for download and i used the fix but its just say copying file and nothing hapen

Do you what to do first is right click to the file then “Add from Starred” then after you add go to the “My Drive” and “Add a folder” (If you don’t know how just go to New then click Folder or right click then New folder) after you make a folder go to “Starred” then right click to the file and Click “Add Shortcut to drive” Then “My Drive” then Go to your created folder Then “Add Shortcut”
After Add shortcut Download the folder (Right Click Then Click Download)

Note: Do not download the inside in the folder because it will say “Download quota exceeded for this file,so you can’t download it at this time.”


Watch this video

when I join a server it freezes after a min of loading

Siiii ya me funciono descarguen el bles y bueno acuerdense de dublipar el HD.loc y el Nuevo HD.loc lo cambian a y listo tienen un HD.loc y un a disfrutar el juego👍

Descargue el battlefield 4 en mi ps3 todo bien pero cuando lo abro me aparece datos del juego estan dañados eliminar datos del juego me dice y bueno cambie el HD.toc lo renombre a y tampoco no me funciona nesecito ayudaaa busque por youtube pero no me aparece porfavor que alguien me ayude lo quiero jugar

battlefiled 4 syas game data is corrupted , delete etc etc and doesn’t work,ill try to uodtae

I Installed BLUS31162 This Version Always Showing Data Is Corrupt Go To Delete Pls Any Help Me To Fix

lets try to patch the game

missing file.If you find it somewhere put it at this path  PS3_GAME / USRDIR / Data / Ps3 and the game will start installing

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JPN version pleaseeee


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Es en formato carpeta o iso el juego?

I get that I don’t connect to ea online and the game doesn’t load anymore, do you know what to do?

me sale que no se conecto a ea online y no me carga mas el juego, saben que hacer?

Pls give me only link

how do i download parts i never knew how to do it

is it include mape ?

Quando eu inicio o modo campanha o jogo trava no loading, alguém sabe uma solução?

When I start campaign mode the game hangs on loading, does anyone know a solution?

Con el metodo inject al iniciar el juego en sincronizando trofeo se congela, cuál sería la solución, gracias

me pasa igual, ayudaa

I just downloaded the first part on the Google ver USA link – BLUS31162 but for part 2 it can’t but it says not found 404, please fix it immediately so I can play the game soon, I hope it will be fixed soon

I can’t play online on all battlefield games when I try multiplayer I get stuck at an infinite loading screen and when I log out of my psn account I can play campaign with no problem but online can’t why??

The online and the story mode all works fine

Im playing online right now nooooo problem 👍👍

what is your ps3 and what version did you download

Im playing online right now ther is noooooo problem in the game👍👍

If you cant go online you have to login your (psn) acount in the officel cite

in online, u unlock premium?

you just download all the DLC and then applay the fix pkg to unlocke them. Then enjoy (:

Download all the DLC’S then download the fix pkg thats all

please give me a link to the file Mp

The ALL DLC includes the premium pass? I mean, I unlock the online rewards that requires premium?


the bles edition work the blus no

The blus works fine with me

The blus version didn’t work for me, So I tried the bles version but when I launch the game it says startup error please help

Where can i found the DLC for the BLAS50588? Help pls

US version part 2 link google broken pleasee fix

I have ps3 super slim 4.86 with HEN 3.01 and i’ve tried to loaded the blus version with multiman and irisman, but always get a black screen, any suggestion? Thx 4 the Gamez <3

you have to put it in the games folder and in multiman find the game and press square on it and put in internal and emulate bd

Please the update 1.20 of BLES

Game opens fine but when ı start the campaign it freezes (I also added the “
Any Ideas?

naw man same for me I just play Mp

are the blus is okay

What is the correct password please. this “” gives a wrong password for me

I’m using linux, no winrar

Stuck on a menu screen after updating the game. It only works again after deleting the game and save data.

After update 1.20 you need to link or register your psn account to EA battlelog site. This is needed to pass the stuck rain loading screen and if you want to play online.

Il gioco si blocca alla schermata iniziale della ” pioggia” e non carica il gioco aiuto!!!

Link Googlel ver EUR – BLES01832 not workenig please help

Can i install only DLC Premium without game, becuse i have Battlefield 4 on CD.
Will work?


anotepad link not working

Thanks. Game BLUS runs fine on ps3 slim 500gb with 4.85ferrox cfw 4.85 multiman update(senEnabler 4.86). Game online server still active. Just update the game to 1.20 then dont forget to link or register your psn account to EA battlelog site(this is very needed and important to play online). This will pass the rain loading screen. Played it online already with new psn account. Enjoy.

just saved me a whole day of downloading , thank you very much

Thank you it worked!

Bonjour, Impossible de jouer en ligne, le jeu charge en infini sur l’écran pluie, une idée ? Ps3 dex

Il arrive que les serveurs EA soient fermés pour les nouveaux utilisateurs de BF4 Online, si vous avez déjà joué en ligne comme en 2018/2019, ce serait mieux si vous étiez votre ancien compte 🙂

liez ou enregistrez votre compte psn sur le site EA battlelog (ceci est très nécessaire et important pour jouer en ligne). Cela passera l’écran de chargement de pluie

Jets won’t have any ammo , I tried Air Superiority and test
But I won’t be able to shoot or change weapons , what I am able to do is just roam around being killed.

Any solution for this ?

It didn’t want to go to onlien ?

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