Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag Freedom Cry PSN

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Assassins Creed 4
Black Flag Freedom Cry PSN
February 18, 2014
Link ver PSN – NPUB31450 – USA : 1FileMega – Password:
Tutorial Install PKG
1- From the pc create a folder with any name and put the pkg file, split it with OpenSplit or Split 4G and copy to an external usb or hdd.2- Start multiman and press [select + start] to start the file manager, copy the usb folder to
/ Dev_hdd0 / packages / (if the packages folder does not exist, create it from the same admin)3- Once you have copied, enter / dev_hdd0 / packages / and the pkg (in red color) will be unzipped and ready to install, give X, multiman will ask you Do you want to exit the XMB to install the selected package From [install package files]? Give him yes4- Go to “Install Package Files” and install the game.5- If you had fix or patch install from installpackagefiles, and then play from xmb.6- You can also go with the file manager and delete the folder _ [game name] from / dev_hdd0 / packages / to free space on your PS3.


– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

The first expansion episode for Ubisoft’s pirate adventure, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag — Freedom Cry is a four-plus hour adventure of nine missions featuring a new assassin character, Edward Kenway’s first mate Adewale. This episode explores what happens to Adewale fifteen years after he finds freedom from slavery onboard Kenway’s ship, on his own but trained in the art of assassination.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag — Freedom Cry is a stand-alone episode in the Assassin’s Creed universe, meaning that while the game runs on the Assassin’s Creed IV engine, players will not need to own a copy of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag to enjoy the game.

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Where the RAP files…. Renew psn license problem….anyone help!!!??

black fucken screen

Another thing it’s a little bit suspicious that the game file is 4Go in spite of the other is 8,6 without dlc it work really or it needs the other one

It’s like max payne 3 if you can do it to renew the license with the rap file on PSNpatch or search on forums for a pkg fix file and assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag the classic one why is it in Iso format it can’t enter in my USB key

is not working, black screen problem, the fix does not working

Thank’s for the game work’s on Hen 4.86 With fix 3.55 from Mega.

how do you do it?, is not working for me, black screen problem…

Tengo problema con los .rar de los archivos de Google Drive, la parte 01 parece tener una contraseƱa distinta a la de las otras 9 partes (vnsharing)

I’ve installed game and fix but it doesn’t work

Pkg?? Or file in multiman?

rap for han standalone ver?

not work for me so anybody can help me

how to fix black screen problem in this game

on bd minor and internel its work for me

which bd minor can you tell me

its not showing up bd minor on xmb menu

Yes in the xmb clone on multiMAN you go to the icon of you game and select ” square ” to open games options then you’ll see under the game icon commands with circles bd minor, internal, external…

how to fix black screen problem in this game , and its not work for so anybody can help me

black screen problem? please update?

it needs to renew the license???

how do i install that pkg fix file and the 6660x files ?

create a new folder, move the “6660x” files to the new folder, in multiman copy the folder that you created to the ps3 internal disk, in packages folder, after that, you will see just one file inside of the folder that you created, a pkg file, just install that file and that will done

how to copy game in usb file exceeds 4gb

work in ps3?

how pls tell me this game is soooooo good and it doesnt want to work



Please how to fix the black screen in this game

Please how to fix the black screen in this game?

How to fix the blck screen in this game

Pantalla negra ps3 super slim 4.85 hfw

XMB menu , disc icon , triangle button , update it

Can’t update it, it say already new version

Plese fix 80010017

enable hen

Its a complete game or an extension pack?

Is there a non psn version

How to install

not working please help i have ps 3 in which HFW firmware is installed

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