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Anarchy Reigns

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Anarchy Reigns
January 8, 2013
10,9 Gb



BLUS30632 – USA

Link Google ver USA – BLUS30632: Download – Password:

DLC : Download


BLES01232 – EUR

Link 1File ver EUR – BLES01232: Download

Link Google ver EUR – BLES01232: Download – Password:

Link Mega ver EUR – BLES01232: Download – Password: mfenano

DLC : Download


Link ver HAN – NPUB31096 – USA: PKGRAP



– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Anarchy Reigns: A maniacal multiplayer game from the makers of Bayonetta and Vanquish, Anarchy Reigns allows players to unleash an attack arsenal in heavy-hitting solo and multiplayer combat. Set in the post-apocalyptic future, this is an over-the-top close combat fighting game, set in a open and fantastical world. Pick from an imaginative mix of human and cyborg characters and set out on a multiplayer challenge where anarchy reigns, or enter the arena in a twisty single-player experience as Jack or Leo and let the viscera fly.

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Is this game played with the emulator on the computer?

BLUS version it is actually BLES version, administrator need to fix that, soon I will be uploading the BLUS version of the game

how this game can be installed in a ps3?
Is there a guide or something?

the usa link actually is BLES (european), you can check it out in irisman.
it didn’t work anyway, so I’ll try one of the other versions.
(I’m using HEN 3.01 on a super slim ps3).

Can you fix the links? DLC links not working and USA+DLC link goes nowhere.

Thank You! Working like a charm. Stay safe out there!

Do you know what the REV file is in the Mega EU version?


me devuelve a la pantalla bmx

A mí igual no tienen la solución aún?

The link from EU DLC is forcing us to enable malware notifications from adfly

Thank you, gracias.

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